Base64 Converter

Easy to use online utilities to encode/decode Base64. Data stays within your browser — conversion is performed on the client side.

Decode base64 to file online and download

Decode a binary file (PDF, DOCX, XLSX) encoded with Base64 by simply pasting your Base64 to the left window and get a download button on the right window instantly. The tool will try to detect file format automatically. To decode image check out decode image from base64 tool.

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  • Usage instructions

    You may use the following URL to preload your base64-encoded data into the editor:
  • How do I convert from Base64 to PDF?

    With Easy64 it's as easy as a copy-paste. Copy your Base64 string and paste in into the left window. Your PDF will be available for download in no time.
  • Is it safe to convert Base64 to PDF online?

    Easy64 converter performs convertion on the client side which means that no data leaves your browser. We don't have access to the contents of your files.